24 Hour Emergency Water Damage

Water Damage

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If you have a water damage emergency, please call us IMMEDIATELY at (757) 276-3030. The sooner the issue is resolved, the less likely expensive damage will occur. As water continues to rest on your floor and wood, it will begin to rot out wood and wick higher up into the walls. This eventually leads to mold, mildew, or dry rotted wood.

Do We Deal With Insurance Claims?

Yes, Harmony Carpet Care deals directly with insurance agencies to assist you in getting your problems resolved quickly and inexpensive. We work with you on your deductibles as well to make sure you are completely covered in these situations.

Water Damage Process

Flooding can occur from a variety of different problems. Our goal is to first remove all water from the problem area. We then cut out any necessary drywall or wood to stop the process of wicking from occurring. Afterwards, we use a combination of air movers and dehumidifies to get the area completely dry. We then test for mold or mildew, and kill problem areas immediately. After the location is completely dry, we assist in making the area look like new again.

Why not DIY?

With most things, there are DIY alternatives. Water damage is not one of those things you should attempt to DIY. The biggest reason is the lack of gear. If water or moisture is not completely removed from the room then you WILL have problems with mold or mildew growing. Just because you don’t SEE moisture does not mean that it is not there. Our dehumidifiers and air movers are all top of the lines, and we have digital readouts that can show us where the problem areas are.


Water Damage can be a scary problem. Call us today for a free quote or for any 24 hour emergency service (757) 276-3030.