Auto Interior Cleaning

Harmony Carpet Care offers auto interior cleaning. While normal auto detailing does a great job at removing soil and debris from your car interior, Harmony Carpet Care uses the same hot water extraction process that we use on interior home carpets. We can leave your carpet interior cleaner than the first day you got it. We can also wipe down non-carpeted areas such as dashboards and steering columns.

Auto Interior Cleaning

Auto Interior Cleaning Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Suffolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth

The Cleaning Process

We use a different tool for auto detailing than for interior carpet cleaning. We use a tool where hot water is cycles thru a tube and immediately vacuums the water out. It is a form of low moisture cleaning to stop your car interior from being soaked with water.

We also offer the service of driving to your location and offering the interior car cleaning at your location. Be sure to call us for a free quote.


Keep in mind that although we leave minimal water behind, you still are going to want to leave your windows down for a few hours after the cleaning process. This is to ensure that the interior can dry properly. For this reason, we will generally recommend setting the appointment for a day of acceptable weather. We can still perform the auto cleaning at other times however if we suggest rescheduling for this process and you would like us to continue anyways, then the guarantee becomes void.