Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Suffolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth

Harmony Carpet Care offers upholstery cleaning. We use a circulating form of hot water extraction to clean every fiber of your couch. We specialize in cleaning all fibers types including fibers that need to be dry compound cleaned (they cannot be wet). All couches are cleaned by hand from the outside to the bottom of the cushions. We spend extra time on high traffic areas such as armrests, pillow cushions, and headrests. Generally these locations get the most buildup of oils due to direct skin contact. You will be surprised at how much brighter upholstery will look after cleaning due to the excess of body oils that usually accumulate in these locations.

Did You Know?

Did you know that couches contain one of the highest levels of soil and bacteria than any other surface of your home? Although you might not be able to see it, it is there. Couches are where you have the most guests residing, therefore, drinks or food are spilled onto couches and there is no way to remove those aside from the surface cleaning of the fibers. Sweat and soil attach to couches and can reside there for years without ever being properly cleaned. Let us come restore the original beauty of your furniture.

Upholstery Codes

Each couch has a certain code listed on it. This code can usually be found under the cushions or on the bottom or back of the upholstery. This code specifies the exact process and chemicals to use when cleaning the piece of furniture and we specialize in cleaning all code types. Be sure to bring your upholstery back to life with Harmony Carpet Care.

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